The Monks of Kublai Khan



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The Monks of Kublai Khan – Emperor of China, is the first complete translation into English from Syriac by E.A. Wallis Budge. It records the life and travels of Rabban Sauma and Yaballaha III, two members of the Church from China who set out on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Yaballaha III becomes Patriarch of the Nestorian Church of the East and the other is sent as an envoy to Europe on behalf of the Mongol Khan.

First edition
Publication date: 1928
ppxvi + 335 pages
16 plates and 6 illustrations in the text
Excellent condition

The image on the right is from one of the plates in the book. The photo is of Chingiz Khan, from a portrait preserved at the Imperial Palace in Beijing.


Inside cover of the book


A plate from the book of a diagram of the constellation of the Bull, from a Mongolian work on astronomy.

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