Life of traveller Jón Ólafsson

Jón Ólafsson



Pris med medlemskort


“The life of the Icelander Jón Ólafsson, traveller to India … / : written by himself and completed about 1661 A.D. with a continuation, by another hand, up to his death in 1679” / Translated from the Icelandic edition of Sigfús Blöndal, by Bertha S. Phillpotts.

London: Printed for the Hakluyt Society, 1923-32

– Volume 1: Life and travels: Iceland, England, Denmark, White Sea, Faroes, Spitzbergen, Norway 1593-1622. – 1923. – XXXIV, 2138, XLIII S. / Edited by the Translator; xxxiv, 238 p., 6 ill. (some folding), xliii

– Volume 2: Denmark, England, the Cape, Madagascar, Comoro Is., Coromandel Coast, Traquebar, St. Helena, Ascension Is., Ireland, Iceland, 1618-1679 . – 1932. – / edited by Sir R. Temple and L.M. Anstey; xxix, 290 p., 3 ill. (some folding)

This is the autobiography by the Icelander Jón Ólafsson, tranlated from Icelandic, about his trip to India in the 1620s. Ólafsson was born in Iceland in 1596. He became employed as a gunner in Copenhagen serving the King Christian IV. Jon Olafsson’s memories are one of the very few testimonies by “ordinary people” from the times of Christian IV. Olafsson made several trips, among others visiting India, and the Dansh colony Tranquebar, 1622-24.