The Land That Time Forgot

Michael Leahy and Maurice Crain



Pris med medlemskort


From the book’s jacket: “The map said “unexplored” but Michael Leahy was after gold. His unremitting search in the forbidding interior of New Guinea led him to one of the major discoveries of our time.

The interior of the island had been thought to be a mass of impenetrable mountain ranges, which the map labelled “probably uninhabited” but Leahy and his party, the first white men ever to effect entry into the heart of New Guinea, found a fertile plateau valley of vast extent, and a quarter of a million of stone-age savages.

While the story is told with a refreshing lack of heroics, it contains vivid and unforgettable pictures. Leahy’s nightmare dash to file a gold claim, fights with overwhelming forces of cannibals, the customs of the stone-age men who are merciless fighters and at the same time shrewd farmers – and landscape gardeners.

The highest mountain in the island, a peak of more than 4500 metres is now called Mount Leahy.”

Hard cover, first edition, 1937
Book in good condition, jacket in acceptable condition
vii + 274 pages
24 illustrations including frontispiece

Illustration on frontispiece

Inside cover

Illustration from book

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