The Desert Route to India



Pris med medlemskort


The desert route to India: being the journals of four travellers by the great desert caravan route between Aleppo and Basra, 1745-1751, by Douglas Carruthers is  a collection of four journeys from the Syrian towns of Aleppo to the Iraqi town of Basra undertaken between 1745 to 1751. The route was one of the great trade routes that joined Asia to Europe and many preferred to travel by this route to India rather than by ship around the Cape of Good Hope.

The image on the right is an illustration from the book depicting the approach to Antioch from Aleppo

First edition, hardcover
Publication date: 1929
232 pages
Issued by the Hakluyt Society
Second series, No. 63
The book has 6 black and white illustrations and a folding map of Syria and Mesopotamia.


Book cover

Pris: 1000,-
Pris med medlemskort: 900,-

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