Singapore, Mallaca, Java

Fedor Jagor


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Author: Jagor, F[edor]


Title: “Singapore, Mallaca, Java : Reiseskizzen”

Mit vierundzwanzig federzeichnungen


[6], 252 pp., 24 illustrations (plates)

Good condition, spine slightly worn, bound with original coloured softcover



Andreas Fedor Jagor (1816-1900) was a German etnologist, naturalist and explorer who traveled during the second half of the 19th century.

On behalf of  “Museum für Naturkunde” in Berlin, he traveled extensively to the South and Southeast Asia collecting for the museum. 

From 1859 to 1861, he was travelling in India, East Asia and the Pacifik Islands.

From 1873-1876, and 1890-1893 he stayed on the island of Java and the rest of the  Indonesian archipelago.