Pilgrims to the Isles of Penance

Mrs. Talbot Clifton



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Talbot Clifton, Mrs.


“Pilgrims to the Isles of Penance : Orchid Gathering in the East”


London: John Long, Ltd., 1911

320 pp., 54 photographic illustrations, folding map; 8vo; fair condition


Mrs. Talbot Clifton (Violet Beauclere Clifton) travelled with her husband John Talbot Clifton, whom she had met in Peru, on this first travel together to the Isles of Penance. The route of the trip passed through Mandalay, Rangoon, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Singapore and Batavia.

Allthough the main purpose of the expedition was to gather orchids, the travelaccount also describes the peoples and their customs at the places visited.