Nine Pounds of Luggage

Maud Parrish


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Parrish, Maud

“Nine Pounds of Luggage”

New York : Lippincott Company, 1939


400 p., illustrations


First edition, fine condition, dust jacket, dedication


A very rare and fascinating travelogue and memoir from the early 1900s, written by an unusual woman.

The author, Maud Parrish, was born in 1887 into a good family in San Francisco. She married early, but broke out of the marriage in the early 1900s, declaring “You got married, were an old maid, or went to hell”.

Instead she embarked on a very unusual life for a young woman at that time, for decades roaming the world, only accompanied by “nine pounds of luggage” and her banjo.
She visited one exotic country after the another, and found work along her way. Her first job was at a dance hall in Yukon by the Alaskan border. And from there she soon headed on for new experiences, among other odd jobs she also ran a gambling house in Beijing at one time.

When publishing her travel travelogue, in 1939, she claimed to have traveled around the world 16 times, and the only areas she had not visited at that time were Afghanistan and Turkestan.