Lotus Land



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In Lotus land: being an account of the country and the people of southern Siam, author P.A.Thompson provides a historical and anthropological sketch of Siam. In the preface, the author writes “No tales of adventure will be found in the following pages, nor have I anything to say concerning the rulers of Siam, but I have tried to give a faithful account of the peasantry, amongst whom I lived for three years.”

Chapters in the book relate to Bangkok, Buddhism, temples, lives of monks, Siamese art, camp life, Ayuthaya and an elephant hunt, Lopburi and Angkor Tom among others.

Hardcover, first edition, 1906.
Original cover with a design taken from the edge of a column at the temple of Nakawn Wat.
xii + 312 pages.
91 illustrations, plan of a Cambodian temple and map.

The image on the right is an illustration from the book of Lopburi.


Inside title page with illustration




Illustration of a klong from the book

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Pris med medlemskort: 1080,-