Korea and her Neighbours

Mrs. Isabella Bird Bishop


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Bishop, Mrs. (Isabella Bird)

“ Korea and her Neighbours : a narrative of travel, with an account of the vicissitudes and position of the country”


London : John Murray, 1905


In 2 volumes; xxi, 261 pp., v, 321 pp., illustrations, 2 folding coloured maps


Richly illustrated (photographic b/w plates, sketches in text), sligthly worn but otherwise in fine condition.



Mrs. Isabella Bird Bishop (1831-1904 ) was a wellknown British traveller and writer, and the first woman to be elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. This richly illustrated and well researched 2 volume book is based on 4 visits she made to Korea between January 1894 and March 1897.

She was know for her accurately and vivid descriptions of the countries she visited: its history, products, religion, society, and as a woman traveller she was also able to get access to the life of Korean women.