Jungle paths & Inca ruins

William Montgomery McGovern



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Jungle Paths and Inca Ruins is adventurer and explorer William Montgomery McGovern’s account of his travels in the upper Amazon.
McGovern is possibly the inspiration for the character of Indiana Jones. His life may be more incredible than the fictional character he spawned. By age 30, he had already explored the Amazon and braved uncharted regions of the Himalayas, survived revolution in Mexico, studied at Oxford and the Sorbonne and become a Buddhist priest in a Japanese monastery. He became a beloved lecturer, war correspondent and military strategist. (Source: Wikipedia)
McGovern’s book is a real-life adventure with chapters titled ‘Beyond the last outpost of civilization’, ‘Hunting with poisoned arrows’, ‘A Brush with Chileans and with ladies of ill-fame’, and ‘Wherein a buried city comes to light’.

Hard cover, 1928 reprint in excellent condition.
381 pages, 24 illustrations and a fold-out map showing McGovern’s route through South America.

The image on the right is a portrait of the author.

Illustration from book


Illustration from the book

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