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Theo Kassner



Pris med medlemskort


My Journey from Rhodesia to Egypt, including an ascent of Ruwenzori and a short account of the route from Cape Town to Broken Hill and Lado to Alexandria, is Theo Kassner’s journey from Cape Town to Cairo, a length of about 13,000 kilometres which the author completed in 18 months.
Kassner’s aims were to “ascertain what parts of the interior are suitable for white settlement” and to collect geological, botanical and zoological specimens.
As British South Africa and Egypt were well-described areas, the author’s records focused on what was then the Congo Free State.
First edition, 1911
xiv + 308 pages.
Hard bound, with 107 illustrations and map
The map on the right show the author’s route through Africa.

Author Theo Kassner


Illustration from the book

Pris: 850,-
Pris med medlemskort: 765,-

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