Invitation to Morocco



Pris med medlemskort


Invitation to Morocco is by author Rom Landau (1899-1974), an influential member of the political intelligence department of the British Foreign Office from 1941-44, philosopher, profesor and prolific author with over 40 books published. Landau had a working relationship with both the leaders of independent Morocco and the French colonial regime, and in this book he recounts his travels through Morocco, including “meetings with both Moors and French,” and especially looks at the Moorish feudalistic lifestyle which survived in the Maghreb.

Hardcover, first edition, 1950.
Green cloth binding with gilt lettering on spine.
xvi + 309 pages, glossary, index, 40 illus from photographs, map.

The image on the right is a photo of a brass and copper shop, featured in the book.


Book cover and spine


Ouarzazat, southern Morocco

Pris: 350,-
Pris med medlemskort: 315,-

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