Dragon Lizards of Komodo

W. Douglas Burden



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Author: Burden, W. Douglas

Title: “Dragon lizards of Komodo : an expedition to the lost world of the Dutch East Indies”

New York/London: The Knickerbocker Press, 1927


xii, 221 p., photographic illustrations (plates)


William Douglas Burden, an explorer, naturalist and conservationist, traveled the world collecting amphibian, fish and insect specimens, established the Department of Animal Behavior at the American Museum of Natural History in New York in 1928. His most widely publicized expedition was to the Dutch East Indies to the Island of Komodo in 1926. 

He went looking for a fierce direct descendent of the dinosaur, Varanus Komodoensis, which came to be known as the Komodo dragon and which had been rumored to be as long as 30 feet. On this expedition, he and his party collected 3,000 insect and amphibian specimens and managed to bring out alive three Komodo lizards.