An Eastern Odyssey

Georges Le Fèvre


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Author: Le Fèvre, Georges ; et al.


Title: “An Eastern Odyssey : The Third Expedition of Haardt and Audouin-Dubreuil” / preface by André Citroën; introduction by L. Audouin-Dubreuil; translated and adapted by Major-General Sir E.D. Swinton … (Ole Luk-Oie)


London : Victor Gollancz, 1935

Frontispiece, 368 p., 39 photographic plates, 3 maps (1 folding); good condition; dust-jacket slightly worn


The book bears stamps by David Grünbaum (Valby – København)



From dust-jacket : “This is no ordidinary travel-book. It is the record of a remarkable journey across Asia (financed by M. André Citroën) carried out during 1931-32 by a small party of Frenchmen and one American – the first attempt made to cross practically the hole Continent of Asia on motor vehicles equipped with caterpillar-tracks, and the only endeavour ever made to penetrate the Himalaya on any form of motor car.”